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Home textiles industry in Turkey

One of the first countries coming to mind on textiles in the entire world, Turkey succeeds in being one of the brand countries in home textiles field. The Turkey’s success on a global scale is mainly bases on a great number of details from A to Z including quality wool and fabric, rich manufacturing areas and techniques, advanced education opportunities in the textiles area, qualified labor force in quality and quantity. Please check the whole text to discover the intriguing details of exporting or importing in this area and learn more.


A major part of modern and traditional home textiles manufacturing facilities is located in the Western Anatolia and Central Anatolia. Many details from raw materials to manufacturing techniques, machinery, and labor forces are 100% local. Our country does not confine itself to the domestic market; it is regarded as one of the powerful players of the home textiles worldwide. When domestic and international market shares are added including the shuttle trade, the result amounts to 13 billion dollars, which is quite a high amount. The manufacturing numbers of the Turkish home textiles industry per product are ranked as follows:

  • Manufacturing of 2.3 billion dollars is performed including domestic and international market shares in bathroom textiles products such as towels and bathrobes.
  • The total number of domestic and international market shares amounts to 2.6 billion dollars in bedding and other bedroom textiles products, similar to towels and bathrobes.
  • The total number of domestic and international market shares exceeds 1.5 billion dollars in draperies and curtains.
  • Blankets, tablecloths, and hand made textiles products get closer to a manufacturing share of 1.1 billion dollars in total.
  • Import products constitute nearly 30% of the 13-billion-dollar domestic and international trade share


According to official records, the home textiles industry, which employs more than 500.000 people in Turkey, also continues manufacturing non-stop with over 3.000 facilities, 750 of which are medium and big sized, in many provinces that are developed in terms of population, industry, technology, and transportation such as Istanbul, Izmir, Bursa, Tekirdag, Denizlik, and Usak. For example:

  • The curtain manufacturing capacity alone reaches 300.000 tonnes in our country per year.
  • The factory, which performs duvet cover manufacturing with the highest capacity in Europe, is located in Turkey.
  • Turkey is among the 3 biggest suppliers in the world in the towel and bathrobe group.


Quality is the primary reason for Turkey’s justified recognition worldwide in home textiles field. One of the countries manufacturing the most quality silks and cottons of the world, Turkey accomplishes to offer excellent product options through maintaining the quality in raw materials also in manufacturing techniques and labor force.

  • Denizli towels and bathrobes are categorized in “prestigious products” and “luxurious products” in home textiles in the USA.
  • While Turkey was mainly a subcontracting manufacturer 15-20 years ago, today it creates textiles brands that take the lead particularly for duvet covers in not only the domestic market but also across the world as a consequence of its proximity to Europe, R&D investments, and importance given for design.
  • It has become possible to find towels, bathrobes, curtains, and woven products with a “Made in Turkey” wording in various points from the most world-renowned hotels and restaurants to the most prestigious hospitals and wellness centers.


Mainly including the towel, curtain, duvet cover, blanket, and carpet export, Turkey sends tens of products groups manufactured in home textiles field to European Union countries, the United States of America, and many other countries. The home textiles industry, which constitutes approximately 16% of the total export and is the most important third industry for the country export based on these values, is regarded as one of the most effective players to meet the current deficit.

Export Rates per Product

Towel and bathrobe types take the lead in the home textiles products being exported. Constituting 41% of the home textiles products, which are sent from Turkey to abroad, towels and bathrobes make up nearly half of the home textile export rate, which is followed by beddings with the export rate of 25% and curtain models with the share of 6%. The remaining part of 28% is broken to similar amounts among the other home textiles products.

Market Share of the Turkish Home Textile in the World

Ranked first in Europe and fourth in the world among the top manufacturers in the home textiles field, Turkey covers approximately 5% of the total home textiles export in the world. Our country, which performs home textiles export to European Union countries such as Germany, France, and Italy, as well as the United States of America, sends products to a total of 172 countries. With the request rate of nearly 25%, Germany is the top country to which products are exported.

Advantages of Purchasing Products from the Turkish Market

The most significant advantage of purchasing home textiles products from the Turkish market is to have easy access to reasonable yet quality options. It also many more advantages, which are:

  • Raw materials with reasonable prices and quality,
  • Different textiles materials such as silk and wool,
  • Tens of diverse products groups on the home textile,
  • Quality manufacturing with inexpensive and qualified labor,
  • Perfect products and fast delivery thanks to the latest technology,
  • The advantageous location situated between Europe and Asia.

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Although Turkey and textiles are recalled with export at first glance, the dense population and great demand makes our country dynamic in terms of not only manufacturing but also consumption. Covering home textiles products that are exported mostly from local manufacturers, Turkey demands some home textiles product groups from abroad which have limited manufacturing. Therefore, our country becomes a lucrative market for domestic and international home textiles manufacturers in terms of both manufacturing and consumption.

Home Textile Import in Turkish and the Middle East Markets

Even partially, Turkey always aims to reduce its existing external dependence but as a big market, it continues purchases in the home textiles field. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia lead the largest home textiles exporters in the Middle East. Although it is not possible to mention any home textiles import with a very high amount in the Middle East apart from those two countries, big and crowded countries such as Turkey, Iran, and Egypt can turn into markets with various opportunities in the home textiles subject as many other subjects.

Import Rates per Product for Turkey and the Middle East

Pillows and quilts are ranked first in the home textiles products that are demanded and imported the most. Constituting 22% of the home textiles products imported in our country, pillows and quilts are followed by drapery with 19% and bedspreads and other product groups with 15%.

Advantages of Selling Products to the Turkish and Middle East Markets

There is not any intense home textiles import in the Middle East. However, countries which are located within the region borders and have high purchasing power or request rate offer various opportunities also to importers.

  • High supply-demand graphics in specific product groups,
  • Continuous need particularly for raw materials,
  • Interest to the fabric types used for the home textiles in the entire Middle East,
  • Availability of buyers also for high-end market home textiles products,
  • Low tax rates compared to the other import product categories.

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What Can You Do in Istanbul For The Home Textile?

Originating back to the Ottoman period in the 16th century and becaming a tradition, rather than an industry, the home textiles is exhibited in many museums and touristic regions that you can see mainly in Istanbul and different locations in Turkey. Of the museums with the home textiles theme, Sadberk Hanım Museum displays clothes, embroidery, and porcelain collections of Vehbi Koç’s wife, Sadberk Koç, at the historical Azaryan Mansion. Collection of Furniture and Decorative Arts at Sakıp Sabancı Museum is also another inspiring alternative for home textile. Carpet Museum also presents a magnificent history of carpet embroidery and a variety of examples of different periods. Similarly, the National Palaces Hereke Carpet and Silk Weaving Factory in Besiktas is another valuable source in this area.