Robert Couturier

Designer Robert Couturier takes part in EVTEKS

One of the world’s two largest exhibitions in the home textile industry, EVTEKS will stand out with not only trading but also seminars by the most distinguished designers in the world this year. Counted as the trend center of the home textile industry, EVTEKS will host “Design Seminars” where Robert Couturier, who has been making great contributions to the design community since 1987 and is one of the best interior designers in the world, will deliver a seminar that hundreds of domestic and international audience will follow.

His perfect career started with the chateau that he designed for the financier Sir James Goldsmith on the 20.000 acre-area on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Having been based in New York for 20 years, Mr. Couturier maintains his place at the top of his profession, continuing to execute grand-scale commissions in the USA, Europe, South America, and Russia. His name is included in Architectural Digest’s prestigious annual list of the best decorators and architects in the world.

All in all, Robert Couturier can be said to lend a sense of connoisseurship, imagination, and even experimentation to the traditional design landscape. As he likes to say himself, recalling the rich interiors in which he spent his childhood and youth, “It is to both grander and greater ends that one invents when one can start with one’s own past.”

Don’t miss EVTEKS seminars to listen to the greater ends that Robert Couturier has reached in his 35-year career from him.